Optics Capabilities

Carclo Technical Plastics is a specialist in the design, development and manufacture of bespoke injection moulded optical components and assembled devices across all application areas. Example of the products we manufacture include:

  • Helmet visors for motorcyclists, military and firefighting personnel
  • Optics for managing light output from LEDs
  • Magnifiers for the visually-impaired and for education
  • Guidance systems for weapons
  • Window and light guides for mobile telecommunications and medical devices
  • Optical cuvettes for medical diagnostics
  • Plastic lenses for all applications
  • Automotive bezels and lighting covers
  • Fresnel lens and CCTV domes for security

Carclo has a highly qualified optical design team which focuses on providing the customer with the best possible function/aesthetic design of an optical component in plastic. This capability uses the latest computerised modelling and ray tracing techniques, testing such as interferometry and Moldflow™ simulated filling analysis and is supported by highly skilled practitioners in tool polishing and long-cycle time moulding.

See www.carclo-ctp.co.uk or www.carclo-optics.com  

Optics Visor